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We are excited to announce our newest partnership with BIOS Lighting founded by NASA engineers to offer you easy access to the future of horticulture LED lighting technology. Whether you are a large-scale operation or a home grower looking for a sustainable option, converting to BIOS LEDs is your best solution. From custom lighting layout designs to the final delivery of the materials, you can grow with confidence knowing Pacific Lamp will be there to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new BIOS set up.



BIOS is a team of former NASA scientists with a firm belief in the brilliance of natural light. Using a biological first approach, we develop professional led grow lights that deliver the perfect biological energy source needed to help plants thrive. By drawing off nature itself, BIOS LED Lighting solutions provide an increase in yield, faster flowering times and reduce energy which provides you with a faster & higher ROI.



Before BIOS revolutionized LED lighting for indoor farming, the industry endured several false starts of applying LED technology. Wild claims, magic spectrums and poor service by many LED grow light manufacturers created confusion and frustration with growers looking for a better solution than the inefficient and toxic conventional HPS lighting. BIOS plant scientists spent years researching the effects of light wavelength and other growth parameters on crop production. Their goal was to create a fixture that was efficient, non-toxic and reliable enough for outer space. BIOS LED lighting provides the plant-specific, effective, safe light required for efficient crop production in a durable form-factor that growers need for success.


Superior Construction Quality

Light Spectrum Matters

Most agricultural LED lighting systems are based on irrelevant performance metrics. Let us show you how BIOS products deliver on an optimized spectrum for both plant growth and PAR photon efficacy leading to superior results.


Many LEDs on the market are advertised as horticulture “grow lights,” but produce a purple light that is terrible for human vision, making it much harder to monitor the health of plants or spot mold or pest problems. Purple light has also been shown to cause headaches and eye strain. BIOS lighting provides a broad spectrum (white) light that is ideal for plants and doesn’t negatively affect human vision.

 Benefits of BIOS Lighting Systems

Explore the BIOS products we offer

BIOS Icarus® line of grow lights are available for open beds, vertical farming, greenhouse supplemental lighting and custom systems and installations.

The Icarus Li LED grow light bars are a cost effective solution for a variety of grow light applications where multiple bars can be daisy chained and easily moved according to desired light bar spacing. The Icarus Li LED Grow Light has an optimized broad spectrum that maximizes photosynthesis and plant growth while also providing the ideal conditions for a comfortable visual experience, superior PAR efficacy, and accurate crop assessment. 

It comes with a bracket option along with clip mounting hardware for different racking systems. The Icarus 8 bar Li kit is ideal for vertical growers but is also a great solution for greenhouse supplemental lighting as well. As all our products, each bar has a cover over the LEDs for easy cleaning applications.


Great For: Shallow tray, Growth Chamber, Vertical Farming