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DESCRIPTION: 2’x4’ LED panel light, 30, 40 and 50W, 120-277V input, 0-10V dimming


• Aluminum frame featuring stepped edge design detail and gloss white paint for improved aesthetics

• New backlit style design; fits standard T-grid ceilings

• Suitable for recessed or surface mount (with optional accessories)*

• Construction features precise optical lenses over each individual LED, offering optimal light diffusion and consistent surface illumination, with no risk of yellowing over product lifetime

• Suitable for damp locations

• Powered by Keystone 0-10V dimmable LED driver with built-in junction box

• Compatible with Keystone SmartSafe LED emergency backup

•Over 50% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent troffers

• Operating temp range -20ºC/-4ºF to 40ºC/104ºF

Keystone’s new Back-Lit LED panel lights are a long-lasting, and easy-to-install solution for providing quality light distribution in offices, schools, and other commercial applications. Their thin, lightweight design features 4 knockouts to provide easy installation in both retrofit and new construction applications. Powered by a dedicated Keystone 0-10V dimming LED driver, our Back-Lit Panel Lights provide smooth, uniform dimming.

In the past, hot spots and yellowing have been concerns with LED back-lit panel light fixtures. We’ve addressed these issues by using a frosted lens that provides evenly diffused light with no worries of hot spots. And the optical lenses covering each individual LED chip ensures there’s no risk of yellowing over time.

Keystone’s new back-lit panel light fixtures offer enhanced versatility and efficiency with our innovative Power Select and Color Select features. These features allow the lumen output and color temperature to be selected with a simple switch. This versatility offers significant SKU reduction.

Keystone also offers edge-lit LED panel light fixtures.

Back-lit LED Panel Light Benefits

  • Saves up to 50% on energy consumption compared to traditional fluorescent troffers
  • Optimizes light diffusion with a wide beam angle to prevent hot spots
  • Ensures there’s no risk of yellowing over time with optical lenses over each LED chip
  • Installs easily with a thin, lightweight design featuring 4 knock-outs for wiring flexibility
  • Provides comfortable lighting with low optical flicker and low glare*

Product Features

  • Powered by Keystone 0-10V dimmable LED driver with a built-in junction box
  • Fits standard T-grid ceilings
  • Compatible with Keystone SmartSafe LED emergency back-up
  • Suitable for dry and damp locations
  • Operating temperature range: -20ºC/-4ºF to 40ºC/104ºF
  • Suitable for recessed or surface mounting (with optional accessories)


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