BIOS Lighting - ICARUS® Ti2

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The BIOS Icarus® Ti2 LED grow lights offer maximum light output in a minimal footprint and durable form factor to boost crop production for greenhouse or indoor top light growing environments. The BIOS biology first approach allows for a scientifically engineered spectrum that maximizes photosynthesis and growth.

We have extended the fixture to 44 inches in length, about 5 inch wide, and 7 inches tall weighing 23 lbs out of the box. The Icarus® Ti2 also features a heat pipe design that pulls the heat away from the LEDs to keep the fixture cool leading to a longer life span.

The Icarus® Ti2 is spectrally optimized to improve overall plant health and increase yield while providing a high output, energy efficient solution for all your lighting.

All Fixtures

  • 0-10V dimming compatible.
  • Dimmer not included.


Fixture Wattage: 685Watts/600Watts

Voltage: 200VAC-480VAC

Photosynthetic Photon Flux: 1750 μmol/s

PAR Photon Efficacy (μmol PAR/J): 2.57 μmol/J

Ingress Protection: IP65

Warranty: 5 Year Limited

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