BIOS Lighting - ICARUS™ Ti3

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Introducing the most efficient white light product on the market. Built with a minimal footprint to prevent casting shadows and a cleanable glass lens, the Ti3 is the most capable greenhouse LED fixture on the market. The Ti3 gives you high efficacy and high output with a white spectrum.

  • Industry Leading White Light Spectrum. The Ti3 is a highly energy-efficient LED (3.0 umol/J) with an output up to 2,150ppf.

  • The Ti3 is a minimal form factor design to prevent casting of shadows giving your crops access to as much natural light as possible.
  • The Ti3 comes standard with Gripple hangers and the option to add on Unistrut hangers so it can easily adapt to your installation needs.
  • The Ti3 is built with a durable and cleanable glass lens to ensure maximum light output overtime. Simply wet a microfiber cloth and run it across the lens to ensure a dust and dirt-free lens.
  • The Ti3 is watertight and IP66 wet rated to handle all the dirt and water you can throw at it. A truly industrial grade fixture that can handle the elements and provide you with a high ROI year after year.

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